I always kind of somehow knew I wanted to pursue a dream in the creative field. And to be more precise, I envisioned myself being a fashion designer ;). A year ago I started Prêt-à-Fred, a startup where women could rent designer dresses. Then in the summer I realized that I in my teenage years I envisioned myself being a fashion designer... So, I made a u-turn back to my childhood dreams and am now doing what I really love.

I want to build a company where I can create the wardrobe of my dreams and create the items that I think every women should have in their wardrobe. Items created of the most beautiful materials, which have always a distinct typical Fréderique design and element to it. What that will be? Well you just have to sit back, wait and see...it in 2020 ;). 

I am now working with leftover fabrics from well known Dutch and Belgian designers. In the future I will be working with leftover fabrics, upcycling old garments and using sustainable fabrics.