Why would you buy an outfit you would only wear once? And also recognize the feeling you have nothing to wear although you have a full wardrobe?
Around a year ago I, Frederique, was laying in my bed, staring at my closet and thought... I have so much stuff hanging in there that I do not wear anymore. Or even worse, some really nice pieces that I have bought and have not even worn once. Later on a friend of mine mentioned she had a few weddings coming up that summer and needed dresses. Although she had beautiful dresses in her closet, she could not wear them again. A thing we as women understand... ;).
For the people who do not know me still. I am Frederique Verblakt and started this journey of building my own company in the summer of 2018. With a background in economics and finance and working in a corporate environment...I always knew I wanted to pursue a dream in the creative field. Friends of mine always cheered me on about my creative ideas. So, I made a u-turn back to my childhood dreams and about a year ago it all started to make sense... I had this idea that touched the field of fashion, tech, sustainability and innovation. And so here we are, building something I really believe should be out there, the closet of the future...
My original concept developed in stages and is now the online platform Prêt-à-Fred. Although renting may sound a bit ‘new’, as women we already do it for ages. We swap the pieces with our friends that we do not wear. We buy stuff, wear it once or twice and throw it in the back of our closet... The latter form is unfortunately not that sustainable.
Prêt-à-Fred is the solution for this problem. Start renting that designer outfit that you would only wear once. On the platform we now offer dresses and other one pieces for special occasions. We want to offer more categories and brands soon and eventually evolve into a subscription model on designer clothing.
Having a bold vision of changing the fashion industry, this is all just the beginning... Stay tuned for more!