We, as in the millennials, want to transform almost every industry we know and have worked in. The old way does not suffice. Within the fashion industry, there is a lot going on. When we take a look at the value chain in this industry, in every step people are innovating. From using different raw materials, to inventing new fabrics, new business models and trying to make the circle round by re-using old garments. It is too big and complex, so I am not even updated on every front.

As you all know I decided to quit my fashion rental startup I felt there was something missing. Lately I was pondering on several creative ideas. And then the process of choosing the one you love the most is still hard, because I knew which one it was, and it was also the biggest of them all! Back in the days, like 15 years ago, I had this dream of  building a high-end designer brand. As you can see on my instagram profile, Phoebe Philo and some other designers were of a big influence. The brand would be something that would be crazy totally me and still would reflect, what I think a lot of women would want to wear.

As I started out as a fashion rental company, I felt I could not do it the old way. Last year I found a lot of 'horrible' stuff about the industry. So how to build a brand that is aspirational? Something that by design women want? And... screams luxury and has that wanting effect, but still does not harm the planet like the big players in the market do? And then it hit me. There is a large group of women that want to act conscious, buy better and less. But the overall market on the sustainable brand side just looks too much the same. I want to show creative, bold designs. Use prints, colors, cut outs, embroidery and embellishments, just like on the runway and also make them wearable. Is that too much to ask? ;) I want to do things differently. But I also believe that we need to create what women want. Which are not only black or white simple t-shirts made from organic cotton.

So this was a quick update. Now you all know a bit better at which stage I am in my journey and what is on my mind.