Choosing you!

I started the journey of pursuing my dreams around a year ago. I always knew I wanted to do something in the creative field but never took action on it. The whispers in my ear started around 15 years ago, when I was hooked on watching runway shows and started drawing myself. But back then I already thought, this is strange – why am I drawn to this? Coming from a small town in the east of the Netherlands, where there is nothing really glamorous to find ;). Looking at my family, I thought, why do I want this? It doesn't fit. I decided to study economics as it would still give me endless opportunities. After my studies the whispers came back. At my first and second (corporate) job there were again signs and sometimes I started laughing to myself...just thinking...really? Should I really do something in fashion? To cut it short, a year ago I decided to just start and explore...

So now, here we are. A year later from where I started. I have had some insights lately that came to me when I took a step back. Taking a step back meant literally, to see the big picture again... I knew it was necessary as I had a feeling something was off as I felt drained. So what did I realize?

  • Pursuing your own ideas and dreams - When starting this journey I had more innovative and creative ideas that would fit my mission – to have an impact on the fashion industry. And what did I do? I pursued, till now, none of my own ideas. Instead I went for the concept of Rent the Runway that was already a proven or at least a highly disrupting thing in the US. I have now realized that 'copying' something did not work for me, or let's say it took away my power. I needed this drive and passion to start pursuing my own dreams. And I truly believe power comes from being authentic, there is nothing more stronger than that.
  • The power of creativity - As said, my mind is always spinning, and most of the time in a good way. I love these bubbles of visualizations. When starting Prêt-à-Fred there were of course challenges, but there was also creative work to do. I did my first fashion photoshoot ever, build my first landing page and website, set up my instagram profile... And then, the last couple of months, there was something missing. I realized that a certain level of creativity was missing, in the way I wanted it. I see creation as expressing my own identity and building something that is not out there yet.
  • The why, how and what in your life - Around a year ago I felt in a split second that I wanted to do something on the intersection of fashion, sustainability and innovation. But let me be honest, the fashion part spoke to me the loudest as that was something I ignored for around 15 years ;)... I knew the why would be a bigger question for myself. And felt that starting this journey would bring me to my why as I was not really clear yet. Or did I not dare to give in to it? ;) On the part of the how and what I experienced the following lately. I saw that I was still pushing myself to work as a consultant. I needed to work hard, build business plans, etc etc. Conclusion, I was not working in flow because I was focussing on the tasks that 'needed' to be done but did not give me energy. On the part of the what, I already explained what was missing. The rental platform I was building did not feel good, it did not fit my DNA. Of course, it could just be a pivot away. But listening to my intuition I felt I needed to explore other paths for now.

As you can see, my thoughts created my reality and also held me back for a long time. Let me be clear, I am doing well and am grateful for what I can and already have done and accomplished. Now it is time to get a bit more out of my comfort zone and start doing more of me.

Written by: Frederique Verblakt - 10/9/2019